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October 29, 2016

I was at early voting on Saturday and ran into a man who lives on Marshman.  He was irate at the amount his taxes went up.  He shared that his tax liability is more than his mortgage at this point.  He’s ready to leave the State of Illinois. 

The State of Illinois is currently experiencing negative growth.  What business or family wants to move to such an unstable political environment?  We have to turn this around. 

In the county we can do our part by freezing the county portion to relieve the pressure on families in Lake County.

As your next Lake County Board member, I will be filling the techinical void there currently is on the board and plan to freeze the county taxes. 

This election especially at the top of the ticket must have our founding fathers rolling in their graves.  Let’s turn this around, we need to stop this bi-partisan divisiveness.  We need to get into the sandbox (all of us) and make our forefathers proud of how we are progressing. 

Let’s make the great State of Illinois something to be proud of, not the laughing stock of the nation.  Our forefathers sacrificed a lot for us,  let’s make them proud.  Let’s make Abraham Lincoln proud. 

Putting you first

Lambrecht for Lake County Board common sense with the people’s common goals

Your neighbor wants to work for you. I’m not running for office, I’m running for you.

My mission is to maintain our quality of life in our region and do it in a fiscally responsible manner. In other words: I'd like better bang for our tax dollars.

Let's put my real world experience to good use and find ways to save our dollars, just like we do in business.

About Laura

Laura Lambrecht loved growing up in Highland Park because it was safe, friendly and stable. As a parent, she did her best to make sure Highland Park remained a great place for her daughters, Brittany and Elizabeth, to thrive in as well. Laura wants to use her background and professional expertise in science and technology to help our county government stay current with telecommunication and cyber security issues which have become more prevalent in federal, state and local government. A fiscal conservative who is passionate about government operational transparency and environmental conservation, Laura will work to protect Lake County’s recreation and nature areas.

On the Issues...

Laura’s mission is to maintain your quality of life in your region and do it in a fiscally responsible manner. In other words, she would like a better bang for your tax dollars. Laura also strongly believes in the importance of protecting the environment and easing traffic gridlock in your community. 

Technical Void

The board currently has a technical void and given that most things are technical in nature it would be helpful to have someone who can handle these issues. I work as an IT professional and would be able to handle these issues with great ease, as your next Lake County board member.

Freezing Taxes

Something I would implement, as your Lake County Board member is freezing the county portion of the taxes until the state can get on more stable ground. They did it in DuPage County for the last 4 years and it worked well for them. Freezing the county portion of taxes will take away worry from homeowners.  I also believe that implementing this into Lake County could greatly benefit our county financially. 

Global Perspective

I spent my gap year (between High School and college) primarily in East Europe, this is around the time that Solidarity in Poland came to be.  Traveling around Eastern Europe allowed me to immerse myself in a culture completely different from my own. Given this experience I now see the world from a global perspective and am sensitive to how cultures see things differently which is helpful.  I’m all about thinking Globally and acting locally.  I conserve our natural resources and I don’t take things for granted.

Advocate for Property Tax Relief

Rising Property taxes are unsustainable. We need leadership in Springfield, the County and at the local level to provide residents with property tax relief.

Protect our Environment
District 11 sits next to our most important natural resource - Lake Michigan. We must protect our environment, preserve land and expand recycling initiatives.

Ease Traffic Gridlock
Time spent in traffic is time spent away from our friends and family. We need to continue to invest in insfrastructure and public transportation.


I recycle anything I possibly can.  I’m thankful Highland Park and Highwood have provided us larger recycling containers – it’s made it easier for us all to recycle. I am passionate about the environment and I do anything I can do reduce my carbon footprint. 


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Paid for by Citizens for Laura Lambrecht - County Board. A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois or the office of the Lake County Clerk, 18 N. County Street, Waukegan, Illinois 60085.