Laura Lambrecht Residential Recycling

Interesting facts:

2010 - I was on the crew of Serenity (HP owned boat) for the 102nd Race to Mackinac Island.

2009 Ė Volunteered to bring the boat back from the Mackinac Island Race - M*A*S*H (also HP owned). Click here to see photo. It was one of the coldest races ever. Needless to say I tried my darndest to stay warm.

2009 Ė Season 2 - top 10 winner of AT&Tís "The Innovation Pipeline". (Thatís top 10 out of employee population of 300,000 Ė not an easy victory).†† Click here to see the trophy.

2008 Ė I monitored AT&T circuits for the Beijing Olympics and ended up on the NBC credits of course I didnít find out until a month later.It was an interesting experience and learned a few things about video transmission. To see the credits Ė click here.

2007 Ė Took sunfish sailing lessons at the North Shore Yacht Club (NSYC) in Highland Park (a small boat club Ė Sunfish, Buccaners & kayaks).

2005 Ė Walked down the Bright Angel Trail and Lower Grand Canyon raft trip.

2004 Ė Upper Grand Canyon raft trip and walked up the Bright Angel Trail. (click here) My time in the Canyon gave me incredible reverence for the rustic environment.I had to learn to read the land and maneuver the treacherous trails (if you could call them trails Ė they donít know what ADA means). †††Walking 9 miles isnít that big of deal, but walking up that elevation - that is a big deal.My team started our accent at 7:30 am and got to the South rim at 6:10 pm.Iím of Irish decent and as a result I had issues with heat/sun, near the midway point I succumbed to heat exhaustion.I had to wait it out and once I recovered I had to keep on walking.†† The delay also meant we were walking in shade bring down the temperature a bit.I was so proud that I made it to the top and lived to talk about it.

Iím an avid composter and gardener.My garden is fruitful, established sage, mint, rhubarb and black berries.

I recycle anything I possibly can.†† Iím thankful Highland Park and Highwood have provided us larger recycling containers Ė itís made it easier for us all to recycle.

My house is my art project.Iím always looking for ways in my home to increase storage and improve functionality, as well as reducing my carbon foot print.In 2007 I swapped out my older toilet to a dual flush low flow European style toilet.That one toilet changed my water units from 21 down to 11 where it remains.Over the years Iíve owned my home, Iíve tried to tighten the ship, swapping out the doors and windows, improving insulation/ventilation.I added a programmable thermostat to heat my house only when it was necessary.†† My gas & electric usage have steadily been going down with each improvement.I try to walk where possible and ensure when I do drive that Iím making good use of my mileage.I try to conserve all of my natural resources.I donít talk the talk Ė I walk the walk.